Dentures are prosthetic appliances made for patients who are missing all or some of their natural teeth. These artificial replacements are custom-fit for the patient’s mouth and are made to look and feel like natural teeth and gums.

When patients are missing some teeth but still have other natural teeth with adequate health and support, a partial denture may be chosen to fill in the spaces with the missing teeth. This type of denture actually anchors onto the remaining teeth with small clasps or wires but is still removable.

Dentures also have the ability to be anchored to dental implants. Implants are little titanium fixtures that are surgically anchored into the jaw by a surgeon. Once healed, the implant can be utilized as an anchor to which a denture prosthesis can attach. This provides the patient with greater denture stability when chewing their food. Your dentist will evaluate which type of denture prosthesis is most appropriate for you.

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